From the recording Skeletal Remains

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Charge Like A Bull
Those well wishes
Are fictitious
Just admit it
 Burning bridges
I’d rather swim
Than hold my grin
 You resent me
Just cuz I won’t
Stay in one scene
 Don’t you know that
 Only dead fish
Follow the stream
Come on baby let’s lock horns
You wanted a storm
You think you can beat me
Watch these wrathful clouds take form
An enemies born
But you forget easy
I never wanted to fight
I never wanted to fight
I never wanted to fight
But you know when I do
I, I charge like a bull
Wrinkle your nose
Friend to a foe
Ready set go
 Had enough of
All your egos
Reap what you sow
Baring my teeth
 Watching you seethe
With the envy
 You can have dreams
 Just don’t make them
A reality
 Repeat Chorus
 Copyright 2015 Melia K. Maccarone