1. Deep Waters

From the recording Deep Waters

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Bonus Single - Released 2015
Produced by Elvio Fernandez


The waves begin crashing
 With an ominous hiss
The lighthouse now hidden
Behind thick walls of mist
And suddenly I taste
The sea salt on my lips
Wondering how I’ll ever
Get out of this
So I beat against the current
And I soak it all in
Hope I’m not thrown overboard
By these treacherous winds
But it if start to capsize
Do I try to swim
Or put on my captain’s hat
And go down with this ship
Mayday Mayday
Can you hear me from the bay
The odds are against me
Send help straight away
So, hey Lord, if my big dreams all
Sink me in an ocean alone
Would you save me
From the deep waters
Down below

The deck has been flooded
The sails are coming down
Is this all just a big test
Just to see if I’ll drown
Should I have listened to those
Who warned me not to go out
Or stayed with them at the dock
Anchored to the ground
Mayday Mayday
Can you hear me from dry land
The odds are against me
But they’ll never understand
Repeat Chorus
Copyright 2015 Melia K. Maccarone